Niko Kougias

Deadstok Reclaimed

“Working with Dmitri has been a pleasure. He demonstrates a hard work ethic and he is an incredible asset to our team”.

Mark Wilson


“I have much appreciated Dmitri’s contribution to the last few years at Envision. He provided a very valuable contribution to the team effort while the company’s management navigated all the challenges. Most of all, I really enjoyed having him on the team and the opportunities we had to work together.”

Michael Tiribelli

Toronto Landscape Design

As a business owner, I needed more than just a bookkeeper to work with through a year. I needed a professional who would be an intimate part of my team, who would listen to me, understand my company's needs and put a bookkeeping system in place to meet the growing demands of my business. Through five years of working together, Dmitri efficiently worked with me, proved his competence, strong character, integrity and earned my trust. Today, Dmitri is an active part of my team, and I am looking forward to continuing my cooperation with him.