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accounting & tax services

personal taxes (t1)

basic tax return

T4, T4A, T4E, T5002, T4(OAS), T4A(P), T4RIF, T4RSP


T5008, T5

self-employment (per business)

T4A, T2125

rental income (per property)


foreign income


corporate taxes (T2)

inactive corporation

No accounting transactions within the fiscal year

active corporation

Client provides bookkeeping records.

accounting & other services

hst filing

Included in corporate tax return

payroll filing (per person)

T4, T4A

dissolving a corporation

Postage charges are extra.

bookkeeping (per month)

from $100
Client pays for a QuickBooks Online subscription.

Prices are subject to tax. Charges over $150 require 50% prepayment.

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