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Paying personal taxes = inevitable stress?

Many of us know that paying taxes is an inevitable process. Canadians understand its importance, but unfortunately, CRA does not make the tax submission process more straightforward.

Numerous tax legislation changes, new forms, credits, and liabilities create a maze associated with a stressful passage through it. Countless taxpayers are trying to avoid such tension, and in the end, we postpone the tax filing process. Some of us are even paying a higher price for late filing or missing essential pieces of information.

To eliminate such tax complexity – you need a tax preparer. Not any, but a professional tax accountant with knowledge and expertise who will guide you through the tax labyrinth towards the tax-saving exit.

Tax maze
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Truth In Balance - Your Personal Tax Accountant in Toronto

By choosing Truth In Balance as your personal tax accountant in Toronto, you will get a professional approach tailored to your tax situation.

We will analyze your financial and personal circumstances to match them with available credits.

Our goal is to maximize a tax return for you or minimize your tax liability.

Tax Filing Process - Preliminary Step

When you choose Truth In Balance as your personal tax accountant in Toronto, you can be sure that the tax filing process will be smooth and correctly prepared. The whole process is 100% virtual and digital – thanks to the new CRA rules regarding digital signatures. We start it by discussing your or your family’s tax situation and provide you with a list of required slips/documents to verify your income and expenses.

After the introductory discussion, we will provide you with an authorization letter to obtain your information from the CRA. As soon as you sign this document with your electronic signature (we use SignNow software) – Truth In Balance becomes your personal tax accountant in Toronto and acts on your behalf in disputes with the CRA.

Preliminary Tax Conversation
Tax data entry

Tax Filing Process - Data Entry & Analysis

Now it will be the time to enter your data into the professional tax software and review preliminary results with you. At this stage, we discuss what can be done to maximize your tax return or minimize your tax liability.

After reaching a mutual agreement on your final tax results, we send you our invoice and the T183 form required to submit your file to the CRA. You may pay for our services electronically through the Interac E-transfer system.

Tax Filing Process - The Final Step

As soon as we receive your payment and the signed with your digital signature copy of T183, we send your electronic file to the CRA. The process takes seconds, after which you will get a confirmation and a PDF copy of your submitted tax return.

We will store copies of your documents and tax returns in our secured Dropbox vault as long as you stay with us as a client. If you decide to work with another professional – we will be happy to return your documents.

Business Help

Why Choose Truth In Balance as Your Personal Tax Accountant in Toronto?

A tax preparer without rigorous training and education may cause severe damage to your tax situation. Having your taxes done by a CPA accountant is peace of mind for you and savings for your wallet.

We base our business model on three pillars: Value, Professionalism, and Continuous Relationship with our clients. You receive all of these three components when choosing Truth In Balance as your personal tax accountant in Toronto.

Value Pricing

There is an old saying: “You get what you pay for, and the same principle applies to the tax preparation process.

When you pay our invoice, you receive in return:

  • CPA trained personal tax service
  • Professional support for your questions and concerns
  • Unlimited (in time) online storage for your tax returns and documents
  • Dedicated attention to your tax situation

Basic personal tax (T4 employment, investments, students, RRSP) – starts at $60

Rental income tax – starts at $150

Self-employment income tax (without bookkeeping) – starts at $150

Catch-up bookkeeping – starts at $80/month

Prices do not include HST
Value Pricing


First time client – 15%

Referral (each) – 10%

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