Frequently Asked Questions

What size of businesses do you work with?

We work with small and medium-sized businesses. We primarily work with new, growing and established businesses based out of Canada.

What types of industries do you serve?

We work closely with clients from various industries: construction, landscaping, project management, sales, manufacturing and others.

Although some businesses are similar, no two businesses are identical. We get that and work closely with our clients to develop an intimate understanding of their business and situation to provide thoughtful and custom solutions.

Should I have my bookkeeping, accounting and taxes all done at the same place?

It depends. Not all bookkeepers can or should do your accounting and taxes, and not all accountants and tax preparers should do your bookkeeping.

However, we understand that working with multiple service providers can be inconvenient for various reasons.

That is why we have made it our focus to be a one-stop shop to get all your bookkeeping, accounting, and tax filings are taken care of under one roof. We take great pride in making it convenient for you to handle all of your accounting and tax needs properly and professionally by us from start to finish.

Do I need to clean up my books before handing them over to you?

No. We welcome catch-up bookkeeping jobs and books that may not be in the best shape. We will work with you to catch up on your books or to clean them up.

We encourage you to approach us and we can virtually guarantee you that your situation will not be one that we have not seen before. You do not need to feel embarrassed. Know that we will work with you to help you get things current and straightened out going forward.

Do you help with payroll?

Yes. We help businesses develop and maintain employee payroll processing systems. Our custom solutions ensure that everything is accounted for properly and the way you want it and that all government remitting and reporting requirements are met.

We can even help run ongoing payroll for you throughout the year so that all of your employees are conveniently paid by direct deposit.

Can you do my taxes? I am a business owner

Yes. We understand that personal tax returns are often just another thing you must do every year. We prepare and file personal tax returns for virtually all of our business owner clients and their family members.

This gives us a full family picture and helps us with tax planning. It also makes your life easier having everything done under one roof.

I found reliable accounting service with TRUTH IN BALANCE.

Thank you Dmitri, for your strong work ethic and for helping our business grow. You are a delight to work with, and after 3 years of bookkeeping, we are very pleased with the results. Looking forward to many more years!

Niko Kougias

Founder – Deadstok Reclaimed